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Paradoxes baby is a screening series of poetry films curated together with variating artist and the Institute of Queer Mutations. 

"We welcome you to analyze the works of queer artist’s, the concensus being un-worlding rather than creating a new. In these screening series, we hope to share insightful analyses of creative, bright minds at work."

Yours truly,
Dr.Alice Ironwoods


"everything is waste of time, a paradox, baby"

Näyttökuva 2023-3-27 kello 9.05.18.png

Stills from "I BELONG TO AN ENVIROMENT" © SBS-Collective

Näyttökuva 2023-8-28 kello 18.06.31.png

Stills from " ENTER INTER : COME BACK TO ME" © SBS-Collective

Dr. Ironwoods, Paradoxes Baby, pt.1 Institute of Queer Mutations
© Gitta Anttonen

2023-08-28 16.18_edited.jpg

Dr. Ironwoods, Paradoxes Baby, pt.2 Institute of Queer Mutations
© Emma Johansson

Institute of Queer Mutations is a performative and collective establishment that provides screenings, manifest, courses and lectures.

You can offer your own art for analyses or suggest a program for

our institute.

If you would like to participate, please contact

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