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Nurmi & Nirhamo


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DEMONIPALVELUT (Nirhamo & Nurmi) have been writing and creating an annual poetry performance since 2016, as a part of their production Queer Poetry Jam (event organized with Helsinki Poetry Connection and Nuoren Voiman Liitto) Producing Queer Poetry Jam we aim to create space for diversity, political art, feminism, feelings and sexuality in a safe and inspirational environment.

MANIFESTOS are experimental studies of poetry and art. In our performances we have included essays, music, honorary writing, had visiting artists and writers. The purpose is to challenge our audience and ourselves.

We want to question the place of an artist, the liberal red-left-green millenial generation and the conservative card holding majority. We like to play with anonymity, bring humor into performance art and poetry to communicate around subjects seen as taboos.


These performances are considered a never ending project of passion, a tribute for experimental poetry.

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