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I am an interdisciplinary artist, main focus on poetry, visual arts and performance. Im the chairperson of the association Turku Runoviikko ry, and the artistic director of the Turku Runoviikko festival 2023. I study enviroment-care and work as a freelancer at odd jobs. Occasionally I perform solo, but mainly im interested in collaborations with other creators.

My work combines poetry, performance-, and visual arts. I also write music and play a few instruments.

I get inspiration from queer ecology, science fiction, fantasy, queer-arts, feminism, DIY culture, nature, dancers, anarchism, science, surrealism, musicians, nerds and geeks & cinema and visual art. ​

My pronouns are they/them.


PARADOXES BABY, part.1,2&3
Institute of Queer Mutations 22.23

TOTAL WASTE OF TIME collection work in progress, 2022

poetry performance, manuscript, installation, video work

THE SUIT performance, 2022

The performance is a piece from the collection TOTAL WASTE OF TIME

A poetry collection, 2021
BEBETE 2021-2016
Unne Nirhamo, Esterin Kirja 

Demoni palvelut, Nurmi & Nirhamo, 2016–2020
Manifestus - experimental poetry performances

Roope Hattu & Himmee Kipinä, 2017

Kaupunki – poetry/sound art performance 

Helpless Burning Thing Collaboration, 2016

Arctic – poetry/film performance 

Roope Hattu, 2009–2019  

Poetry,-music solo performances 


Helsinki International Film Festival, Turun Runoviikko, Lahden Runomaraton, Runokuu, Oulun runoviikot, Helsingin Varjokirjamessut

Tarvon taidepäivät, etc..

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